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    Comrade Wang Yu, the Secretary of

the county Party committee,
inspected the construction of the red koji workshop

Comrade Yang Jiuqing, the county chief, came to thecompany'sinspection and guidance work, 

accompanied by Zhang Yuetong,

the Secretary of the town Party committee,
and the general manager of the company, Zhao Jixing.



The county farmer issued a

president of Zhang Ruidong's

line to inspect and guide the company.

The project dispatching meeting of the

county development planning bureau is held
in the conference room of the two building of the company,and the deputy director of

the Development Planning Bureau, Wang

Yanda, presided over the meeting.



Beijing Lao Cai Chen Food Co. Ltd.,

senior management personnel
to visit our company.

Zhang Yuetong, the Secretary of the

town Party committee,escorted the

head of the county magistrate,

Yang Jiuqing, to the company'
s inspection and guidance work.


Mr. Zhang, director of the county economic and
Trade Bureau,accompanied foreign businessmen
to negotiate business with the company