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Decrease in Monascus citrinin by new content


Decrease in Monascus citrinin by new content
The latest discovery and innovation
Science and Technology Daily News (reporter Wei Dong) the composition of Rutin in buckwheat starch and other added to fermentation substrate, to detect citrinin content is much lower than the red rice, less than 10ppm (ten ppm). This is a new discovery of Shandong Zhonghui Food Co. chairman Zhao Jixing and chief engineer Li Yao led the team in the process of development of functional in Tartary buckwheat. After repeated test, they confirmed the Rutin in buckwheat can inhibit the synthesis of citrinin in Monascus metabolism.
Pork braised in brown sauce attractive colour from red yeast. Red rice is indica rice as raw materials, the use of modern bio engineering technology to separate Monascus quality by submerged fermentation, and. Its bright color, pure tone, light and heat stability, has been used as a natural food additives, colorants and the function of health food is widely used. But as in Monascus products were found to have a kind of mycotoxin citrinin --, its security has attracted more and more attention, and controversy. Citrinin is a secondary metabolites of Monascus, is confirmed to have renal toxicity, can cause swelling of the kidney, renal tubular dilatation and epithelial cell necrosis, but also teratogenic carcinogenic.
According to Li Yao introduction, at present, to decrease the citrinin content is the main way of using molecular biology method to synthesis of citrinin gene knockout, so that it is no longer the synthesis of citrinin. But the gene can repair itself, poor stability, a generation or two, knocking out the gene will automatically repair, resulting in Monascus products to large-scale industrial production. Zhao Jixing told reporters: "the value of up to 70 100ppm substrate of Monascus citrinin content in a series of products with starch as now, but the industry standard must be less than the specified value 50ppm to sales, application of Monascus products limited."
This new discovery is significant for the future, how to reduce the Monascus citrinin content provides the research direction, also laid the foundation for the functional Monascus products and large-scale industrial production. On the mechanism of Rutin from buckwheat, inhibition of citrinin synthetic Li Yao said, he and the team is being further intensified research.
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