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I warmly congratulate the company projects and products into the country.


I warmly congratulate the company projects and products into the country.
Recently, the Ministry of science and Technology issued a notice of 2014 annual National Science and technology projects, with an annual output of ten thousand tons of our Monascus pigment technology R & D and industrialization development and won the 2014 annual National Torch Program projects, our brewing aroma fermentation agent project won the 2014 annual national key new product plan, in the county to achieve the the zero breakthrough.
Torch plan project, is based on the domestic and international market demand, with the national, local and industry research programs, new technology research and development program and other scientific research as the basis, to the development of high-tech products, the formation of industry as the goal, merit based selection and high-tech industrialization projects implemented. Through the implementation of Torch Program projects, creating high-tech enterprises and enterprise groups. National key new product is developed for the first time in China or outstanding performance in similar products, in line with national industrial policy requirements, by the Ministry of science and technology of new products that included in the "national key new product plan", aims to through policy guidance and support, to promote the development of new products and technological achievements transformation and industrialization, to promote the technological progress of enterprises and improve enterprise technology innovation ability.
In recent years, our company always adhere to the road of university industry collaborative innovation, successively with the Beijing Technology and Business University, Qilu University, Jiangnan University, cooperation, Shandong food fermentation industry research & Design Institute and other institutions of higher learning, from 2008 to 2012 the establishment of the Shandong provincial enterprise technology center Shandong microbial pigment Engineering Technology Research Center, and Shandong province of China food the workstation, innovation has grown to set research, industry and trade as one of the high-tech enterprises, the enterprises in technological innovation played an exemplary role.
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