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Food Industrial Park is a tool for small and medium enterprises of food safety regulation


Changsha City in 2012 with 20 cases of food safety criminal punishment cases, the body is a small workshop. Recently, the mayor of Changsha in the city's food safety work conference of the new year in Wangcheng, focusing on high-tech industrial base, Liuyang food and Hunan Food Industrial Park and other parks, the future production of meat, the Rice noodles, bean products and manufacture of small workshops will be gradually moved into the park, to carry out large-scale, standardized production.
Investment advisor in the food industry researcher Jian Aihua pointed out that, although in recent years the domestic food industry is developing rapidly, the industry scale increase in the number of firms, but the small enterprises and small workshops in the food industry still plays a very important role, the proportion is about 90%. This kind of food processing units scattered distribution, small scale and poor production environment, food safety problem of the multi zone. Therefore, how to ensure the safety production of the food processing unit has become the focus of attention from all walks of life.
The small scale is the main reason of this kind of food processing units illegal operation. The causes of this kind of small scale food processing units do not have the scale effect, with higher production costs, business owners or main workshop in order to pursue more benefits will rush into danger. Distribution means that the regulatory authorities need to pay more attention and higher cost, so it is a powerful weapon to escape the supervision of its success, is the illegal operation of the hood.
Agglomeration effect, the enterprise to promote the development of regional economy is the industrial park's function, thus to promote Changsha City Hall Industrial Park of small workshops food safety idea is worthy of recognition, but also should be carried out throughout the country. On the one hand, the small food processing units is expected in the policy support the development of large-scale enterprises, the cost pressure will weaken, illegal operations of the enterprise "power" will no longer; on the other hand, food industrial park to solve the small food processing units scattered distribution, regulatory difficult problem, strict supervision, there will be better the food security situation in a short period of time.
Investment advisor research director Zhang Yanlin pointed out, food industrial park is expected to become the small food processing unit of the development and expansion of the "cradle", to solve the problem of frequent food safety issues. Many small food processing units illegal operations is the lack of brand control, once the enterprise development, with a certain brand influence, food companies will not take the risk of bankruptcy because of illegal operation. So the construction of food industrial park and attract small and medium enterprises settled or workshop is an effective means to solve food safety problems. (China science and technology network)
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