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Product Name: Monascus
Category: Food Additives
Quality Standard: Food Grade
Packing: 1kg / Bag, 200g / Bag
Synonyms: Monascus red, red pigment, red yeast rice pigment; Red Kojic Rice; Monascorubrin; Red Rice Starter;
Raw materials: a large rice flour, soy milk as raw material, the use of modern biotechnology submerged fermentation, after extraction technology of advanced ceramic membrane made ??of natural coloring agent, the main ingredients rubropunctatin Red Code red pigment, Monascus pigment, red yeast yellow Su, erythema amines, monascorubrin amines. Red or dark red powder.
Application: The product is used in wine, candy, cooked meat, bean curd, ice cream, popsicles, ice cream, biscuits, jelly, puffed food, seasoning, canned pickles, pastries, ham coloring, can also be used in medicine and cosmetics coloring as a red coloring agent.
Dosage: usually 0.2 ‰ ~ 2 ‰, or add the appropriate amount according to production needs.
Packing: 1Kg / bags, 200g / bag, or according to customer requirement.
Storage: sealed, dark, cool place.
Note: Because this product is somewhat less resistance to light, in addition to meat, seafood, soy sauce, the other to be good resistance to light products, please caution.
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