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Red Yeast Rice

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Red fermented rice(powder) is a traditional Chinese medicine and food product. It has been used in millennia for thousands of years and has been processed by fermentation of early rice and is mostly red or dark red. It is mainly used for food coloring.
I. Features
A natural tones and bright
2, natural, safe and non-toxic side effects
3, high purity, high color value
4, pH for a wide range
5, stability, color stability
6, with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation function
Second, the quality indicators
1, Appearance: brown-red to dark purple powder or grain, quality Qingcui, no mildew
2, the scent: a fragrant red yeast inherent song
3 Fineness (200 mesh sieve rate),% ≥ 95 (2000u / g)

Product Category Product Category the Proposed Usage
Ham, sausage meat   Dispersed with warm water or pre-mixed with starch
Sauce braised pork   Use water or dissolved edible alcohol mixed in
Spiced chicken, Spiced duck    
Fish products   Added directly or added after mixed with water
Chili sauce    
Flour sauce   Added directly or added after water(or alcohol consumption) mixed
Fermented bean curd   Marinated added

4, water,% ≤ 10
5, color value, u / g 1000,1500,2000
6, Lead (as Pb), ppm ≤ 0.5
7, Arsenic (as As), ppm ≤ 1.0
8, aflatoxin B1, ppb ≤ 5.0
Third, product specifications
1, Type: grain, powder
2, product specifications: Color Price: 2000 u / g, 1500 u / g, 1000 u / g
3, Packing: 10kg / Carton 20kg / box
Fourth, the application
A range of applications: meat, food, spices, sweets and pastries.
Two recommended methods and recommended usage: (see table below)
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