Halal Product Training Manual Definition of Halal Products



Halal products are products or beverages and their ingredients that are permitted by Shariah and meet the following conditions:

Does not contain any animal products that are not halal according to Shariah, and does not contain any animal products that have not been slaughtered in accordance with Shariah.
Does not contain ingredients that are considered unclean under Islamic law.
Safe for consumption, non-toxic, non-narcotic, and not dangerous to human health.
The equipment used in the preparation, production or processing of the product is not contaminated with products that are considered unclean under Islamic law.
It does not contain any human tissue or its derivatives that are not permitted to be used in accordance with Islamic law.
The product must be isolated during preparation, preparation, handling, packaging, storage and distribution from products that do not comply with the requirements of the previous conditions 1-5 and from any other Shariah-declared impurities.
The following are classified as unclean according to Shariah law:
Dogs and pigs and their derivatives;
Halal products contaminated with other non-halal products;
Direct contact between halal products and non-halal products;
Fluids from "holes" in the body of humans or animals, such as urine, blood, vomit, pus, placenta, feces, and the sperm and eggs of pigs and dogs, but not of other animals.
Carrion or halal animals, but not slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law;
Alcohol, beverages and products that contain or are mixed with alcohol are unclean products.
such as alcoholic beverages and substances that can cause intoxication such as drugs, narcotics, etc;
Other non-halal substances as described in Annex 1.




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