Kitchen seasoning star anise - remove odor and low back pain


Red Currant Food Culture

The deliciousness on the tip of the tongue is inseparable from the seasoning. Spices can add color, aroma and flavor to dishes, and are indispensable aids when making food.

But, you know what? In addition to making dishes more delicious, spices also have unknown health effects!

Octagonal warm, sweet and spicy, medical theory believes that it has a strong fragrance, has the effect of repellent, warming qi, strengthening stomach and relieving vomiting, dispelling cold, stimulating nerves and so on.

Remove peculiar smell: star anise sweet, wrap some star anise with a small cloth, and put it in shoes and bathrooms to deodorize.

Low back pain: star anise and coarse salt are stir-fried in a ratio of 1:1, put in gauze and applied to the painful area.

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