The Shandong government supports the resumption of work and production of all enterprises in Shandong, and all approvals are cancelled


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February 29, the public daily is authorized to publish the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government recently issued "on the implementation of the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development work of a number of opinions".

  Several Opinions" in-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the coordinated promotion of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development work at the deployment of the spirit of the important speech and a series of important instructions on the prevention and control of the epidemic requirements, the full implementation of the Party Central Committee, the State Council's decision-making arrangements, coordinated promotion of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development work, including "general requirements ", "tighten the grasp of the epidemic prevention and control", "integrated promotion of the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work" "strengthen the Party's leadership of the integrated epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work The four major sections, 52 articles in total, focus precisely on the implementation of the General Secretary's important instructions, based on the present and long-term, and are the "mission statement" and "mission statement" for Shandong cadres and masses to achieve "two-handedness" and "double victory". The "task book" and "construction plan".
  Among them, around the implementation of national macro policies, strengthen the operation of regulation, orderly promote the resumption of production and key projects, "a number of views" deployed 10 tasks, the main points are as follows:
  1. Strengthen financial and fiscal policy support. (1) innovation and improvement of financial support, for the epidemic affected industries, private and small and micro enterprises to provide special loan quota, increase the focus of the epidemic prevention and control to protect the enterprise loan financial subsidies to support. Adjust and improve the arrangement of enterprise repayment and interest payment, appropriate reduction or waiver of interest on loans for small and micro enterprises, to ensure that the comprehensive financing cost of loans for inclusive small and micro enterprises is 0.5 percentage points lower than last year. (2) strengthen the docking of banks and enterprises, make arrangements for the docking of financing needs of 1,268 key industrial enterprises above the scale of the province, and complete the credit approval process for enterprises in line with the credit policy of banks on schedule. Implement the system of financial counselors in the province, the first batch of 3,000 financial professional cadres selected to help enterprises in contact with their counterparts.
  2. Increase tax and fee support. Due to the impact of the epidemic suffered significant losses, taxpayers have difficulties in paying urban land use tax, property tax, approved by the taxation authorities, reduced or exempted from urban land use tax, property tax. Taxpayers who cannot pay taxes on time due to the epidemic can defer payment of taxes in accordance with the regulations, and taxpayers who have suffered significant losses due to the epidemic and employers who have suffered significant direct economic losses can implement tax relief policies in accordance with the regulations. The maximum carry-forward period for losses incurred by enterprises in difficult industries affected by the epidemic in 2020 will be extended to 8 years. Increase the return of stable jobs, reduce the burden of disability insurance, housing fund.
  3. phased reduction or exemption of social insurance premiums. from February 2020, exemption from levying the basic pension insurance, work injury insurance and unemployment insurance unit contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises, the exemption period does not exceed 5 months; for large enterprises and other participating units (excluding institutions), the basic pension insurance, work injury insurance and unemployment insurance unit contributions are reduced by half, the reduction period does not exceed 3 months. Enterprises with production and operation difficulties affected by the epidemic may apply for a deferment of social insurance premiums, with a deferment period of no more than 6 months in principle, with no late payment fees during the deferment period. Orderly transfer of state-owned capital gains held by state-owned equity undertakings, specifically to make up for the shortfall in the basic pension insurance fund for enterprise employees, to ensure the safe operation of social security funds.
  4. Improve the security capacity of coal, electricity, oil and gas. Organize the production of coal, strictly implement the provincial coal incentive policy for power plants, and ensure that the coal stocks of key power generation enterprises are stable for more than 20 days. Sound coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation joint meeting system and joint office mechanism, the inventory of available days less than 10 days of power plants and thermal power companies undertaking heating tasks for key scheduling, timely emergency transportation measures to ensure that the lack of coal shutdown affects power generation, heat supply. Strengthen the unified scheduling and operation management of the power grid, and seek support from outside the province to ensure that residents and key users of electricity demand.
  5. Enhance confidence and stabilize social expectations. Improve the long-term mechanism of economic operation monitoring, strengthen the economic operation, public health, financial security, real estate, social employment and other areas of risk warning, timely formulation of targeted policy measures. Relying on the provincial platform and 96345 hotline, establish a working mechanism of "online reflection of problems by enterprises and people, centralized distribution of provincial and municipal linkage, and two-day communication and feedback", and open up a "green channel" for the government to serve enterprise development and project construction. Increase the propaganda and interpretation of various policies and measures and supervise the implementation of efforts to reasonably guide market expectations.
  6. Sub-district grading accurate resumption of production. All enterprises resume work and production, all cancel the approval. For 1,268 enterprises, establish provincial, city and county level service docking groups, real-time grasp of enterprise operation dynamics, one enterprise, one policy precision services, solve problems. The implementation of financial incentives to support enterprises and project construction to resume production, to encourage municipalities to resume production accurately. For industrial enterprises above the scale, foreign-invested enterprises, "one-to-one" set up a service provider in enterprises, door-to-door docking service, coordination to solve the resumption of enterprise raw materials, production equipment, liquidity, staff back to work and other aspects of the difficult problems. To support the resumption of production and operation of important policies, the formation of a list, packaged and pushed to enterprises. County (city, district) industry, commerce and related departments, the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises, micro enterprise service system, smooth channels for enterprise complaints. Unblock employees' return to work and ensure convenient access for those who maintain health pass cards. Accelerate the construction of digital government, optimize the "Love Shandong" APP service, and promote more matters online, palm, for the convenience of enterprises and people.
  7. To protect the smooth flow of passenger and cargo transportation. Resume road passenger transport services in an orderly manner. In low-risk areas, fully resume long-distance passenger transport and urban public transport, cabs and other passenger transport services as soon as possible; in medium-risk areas, gradually resume road passenger transport services as appropriate, and strictly control the passenger seat rate of long-distance buses and charter buses. Smooth the green channel for emergency and key production and living materials transportation, to ensure that logistics and transportation "zero barriers". Take the initiative to strengthen coordination with neighboring provinces and cities transportation departments to ensure smooth inter-provincial transport. Promote the ports to speed up the progress of evacuation of backlogged goods. Create conditions for subsidies or incentives for transport enterprises that undertake transport protection and customized transport services.
  8. Accelerate the construction of key projects. Focus on 1,021 provincial key projects, the implementation of the list management, responsibility for promoting the requirements, the renewal of provincial key projects all resumed, new projects started on schedule, the annual investment of more than 400 billion yuan. The establishment of major projects green approval channel, relying on the investment online approval platform, to carry out "no meeting" remote approval services. Steady implementation of the commitment system for approval, the implementation of regional assessment of the approval matters in principle, all the implementation of the commitment system. The urgent need to start the construction of the project can be accepted, shortage tolerance for processing. For medical and health care, epidemic prevention and management, isolation and observation, production of prevention and control materials and other engineering and construction projects that need to be implemented for epidemic prevention and control, construction units can start construction first and then complete the relevant procedures after the epidemic is lifted.
  9. Newly implement a number of major projects to make up for shortcomings and weaknesses. Implement 274 key projects in 12 fields such as public health, emergency supplies reserves, vaccine R&D and production, medical supplies industry chain construction and infrastructure protection, and directly incorporate the projects into the province's "white list" of key projects. According to the nature of the project in the interest rate, term, structure to give differentiated preferential. For those who meet the requirements of special bonds, the provincial bond work team will guide the project subject to do a good job of project planning and implementation of conditions to achieve matching and convergence with local special debt policies, and strive to be included in the national plate.
  10. Strengthen the project construction factors to ensure. Develop and issue opinions on the establishment of factors to follow the project mechanism, and strive to crack the bottleneck constraints of land, energy consumption, capital, labor and other factors. For the epidemic prevention and control projects and major provincial projects, the provincial new and old energy conversion projects, the provincial "double invitations" key contracted projects and social livelihood projects such as subsidized housing, education, health care, rural revitalization, poverty alleviation, etc., 50% of the total number of new construction land plan indicators issued by the state in the previous year can be advanced to the province for New land approval for construction projects to ensure that key and urgent projects are landed. Fully support the sand and gravel mining enterprises to resume work and production, to ensure market supply. For the sand and gravel mining enterprises that have been suspended for rectification, help them complete the rectification and resume production as soon as possible.




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