2020 can not be restarted again, Shandong Zhonghui Biotechnology Co.


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2020 is a unique year, because of the epidemic, this year, the New Year does not need to go to relatives, the party changed to online party, drinking can be open video, through the video New Year's greeting, through the WeChat video dinner. But where you are on earth as long as you are willing to get together, it's easy, just pick up your phone, we can open the video to eat.

2020 is also the year when we all realize our wishes, we all dream of when we can contribute to our country by lying down at home. Yes, this year you can contribute to the country by lying down at home. So the dream is still there, in case it comes true.

At the same time many people also want to restart 2020, because 2020 is also a year with disaster, this year each country has its own disaster. In the face of the epidemic in the country, the city and town were closed and no one could go out due to the epidemic.

But 2020 also saw the emergence of retrograde people who carried the weight for us and provided for our normal life.

2020 cannot be restarted, but we can have a new start in 2020.

Shandong Zhonghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. would like to start 2020 together with everyone.




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