Gutian largest foreign investment project settled in the development of nearly $ 100 million "Gutian red song"



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Recently, by the Hong Kong Hongda Express (China) Development Limited Holdings investment of 98 million U.S. dollars to set up the "Gutian Red Currant Development Co. An enterprise.

According to reports, red song development is an important project in Gutian poverty alleviation docking work this year. The local industry and commerce department took the initiative to open a green service channel for the settlement of the enterprise. Through the provincial, municipal and county-level linkage of business departments, the enterprise from foreign investors to receive a business license in just one day, saving time and costs for the enterprise. Business sector through close contact with the county foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, advance intervention in the county government introduced key projects, and designated a registrar special responsibility, the implementation of "one-stop" full service. At the same time, in order to further reduce the threshold, simplify procedures, support the development of the enterprise's lack of some of the registration materials to implement the commitment to the registration system, allowing its commitment to submit the relevant materials within three months.

It is understood that Gutian red currant has a long-standing reputation, in the Ming Dynasty Wanli years has been quite famous. Gutian County Records" has records that show that the historical Gutian red tune in the town of Pinghu key production areas. At present, the town of Pinghu in Gutian County engaged in the production of red currant workshops have more than 200, the annual output remains at 15,000 tons, accounting for the majority of national production.




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