Wine Accessories (Enzyme Preparation) Series Products

Fermented Red Yeast Rice

Shandong Zhonghui fermented red yeast rice is made of high-quality non-polluting polished white rice as raw material, using high-viability strains, and fermented by traditional techniques and modern bioengineering techniques. It is suitable for the production of red yeast rice wine, red yeast rice vinegar, cakes, food and other products. The rice wine, health wine and red yeast rice vinegar produced are bright in color, outstanding in flavor and delicious in taste.

Super Concentrated Compound Caproic Acid Bacteria Solution

Water, edible alcohol, wheat bran, yeast paste, etc. are used as raw materials, inoculated with caproic acid bacteria and other strains, and are produced by biological fermentation under anaerobic conditions, and are used in the brewing and fermentation of traditional liquor.

Esterified Red Yeast Rice

The esterification of red yeast rice is made of wheat bran and other grains, inoculated with Monascus strains with high esterification ability obtained from the separation, purification, optimization, and rejuvenation of traditional red yeast rice.
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